Lynxxx puts an end to the rumours !

Many accusations have been made regarding hip-hop artist Lynxxx’s alleged violent incident at Club Entyce in Lagos on the 8th of March 2013; where he attended fellow musician, Praiz’s birthday party.

Rumours have been circulating that Lynxxx stabbed someone at the club when a fight broke out but OK! has been able to scoop up what really happened,straight from Lynxxx’s team -Syndik8 Records Management.

They have confirmed that at no time did Lynxxx assult or stab anyone and that what really happened was that Lynxxx had been at the club with three other members of Syndik8.

One character going by the name “Pope” slapped and sexually harassed the artist’s friend and manager’s cousin creating havoc and a scuffle between everyone involved.

Amongst the people there, celebrities Banky W and Uti were also there to witness the events which took place.

Pope was asked to apologize to the distraught female directly but he refused (what a douche). Many were disappointed by his actions as well as the club’s inactive response to the situation.

The matter has since been handed over to the police and a civil suit for “defamation of character” has been placed.

Lynxxx remains innocent and would like the truth to be told as the media has misconstrued the whole situation.