Female Fan Tatoos Davido’s Name on Her Back


Some fans will do anything to get an artist’s attention. And one young lady seems to have gone all out in a tribute to Davido, by getting a tattoo of his name and record label on her back. The Nigerian rapper instagrammed a photo of the fan, with the caption ‘nice tat’, which doesn’t seem like much of a thank you considering she is branded with his name for life.

Other fans of the 20-year-old star criticised the girl who had gone a bit too far to show love for the Dami Duro star.

Though Davido isn’t the first Nigerian entertainer to have a super fan. A Kenyan woman tattooed Ice Prince’s name on her arm and May D’s girlfriend has his name on her back and arm.

Well it’s definitely not something we would try, but whatever floats your boat!