Beyonce Accused of Lip Syncing the National Anthem

beyonce lipsyncing

Beyonce was once again given the privilege to sing for Barack Obama after he was sworn in for the second time as the President of the United States. However reports are now claiming that the former Destiny’s Child star lip synced her rendition of the National Anthem.

A spokesman for the Marine Corps Band, who provided the musical accompaniment for the song, said that she did not sing in real time, but instead used a pre-recorded track of the song.

However a few hours later, a Marine spokesman denied the previous claim saying ‘no one in the Marine Band is in a position to assess whether it was live or pre-recorded.”

Earlier on in the day of the Inaguration ceremony, Master Sgt. Kristin duBois said the band was notified at the last minute that Beyonce would use a pre-recorded voice track as there was no opportunity for the star to rehearse with the Marine Band,with a live performance by the band being ill advised.

A representative for Beyonce did not respond to requests for comment.