Akon to Talk with Justin Bieber About ‘Marijuana’ Pics

akon justin bieber weed

Looks like Akon may be taking on the daddy role, as the Senegal born musician revealed to American gossips site TMZ, that he will be having a word with Justin Bieber regarding the images that appeared on the net of the teen star apparently smoking marijuana.


Akon, who doesn’t drink or smoke, was pretty surprised when he found out about Bieber. A reporter asked the Angel singer about the fan reaction to the photos of Bieber holding what many are saying was marijuana at a recent hotel party. Akon replied:

“I gotta talk to Justin, I didn’t know he was smoking. That’s my little man … hopefully, I’ll make an impact.”

In other news, Bieber has given Saturday Night Live writers permission to spoof him to the max when he hosts the show on February 9. And yes, you guessed right. They will be bringing up his love for smoking pot.

Watch Akon talk about Bieber here.