Soul Sister, Musical based on living legend Tina Turner

Emi Wokoma gives an infectious performance on the stage of the Savoy Theatre where she plays legendary singer Tina Turner. Following the life and relationship of Ike and Tina Turner the show takes you to the start of the singers career, where she’s naive Anna Mae Bullock growing up in Nutbush, Tennessee. Not long after we see her at just 16 on her travels to St Louis where she auditions for Ike Turner, forming the beginning of their musical relationship and her transformation to Tina Turner. Although the musical focuses on Tina’s career, it also shows the turbulent relationship she shared with ex husband Ike Turner. The love that the audience first witness between the two soon turns to violence, dealing with domestic abuse, drugs and financial issues.

Emi Wokoma gives an energetic performance not only capturing the essence of Ms Turner’s raspy yet powerful voice but also showing grace in emulating the singers moves, modelling a range of sparkly dresses not forgetting Tina’s signature spiky unruly hair. Emi was successful in studying all of Turner’s mannerisms. Chris Tummings also gives an impressive performance of Ike, giving the audience a mixture of confidence, cockiness and short- temperedness.

As the show comes to an end its not short of some of Tina’s best hits Rolling on the RiverSimply the Best and What’s Love Got to Do With It which really gets the crowd up on their feet wanting more. Giving a combination of dialogue, singing and dancing.

The bio musical does not fail in providing the audience with what they want, not only for the die-hard fans but also for people who know Tina’s story and are interested in seeing it turned into a musical. Soul Sister keeps its audience entertained and engaged its hard not to get up and dance.

OK! Nigeria ratings: 4 stars

Until September 29, Savoy Theatre

Review by Toksy Sallu


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