OK! Nigeria launches Lagos Air Disaster Appeal


Following the fatal plane crash on Sunday, June 3rd where an airplane flying from Abuja to Lagos crashed into buildings in the Agege neighbourhood and claimed the lives of 153 people, businessman, entrepreneur and founder of OK! Nigeria, Alexander Amosu feels compelled to help the families involved in this terrible tragedy.  Members of his staff have lost friends on this flight so this issue is close to our hearts.

This disaster is Nigeria’s worst air disaster in nearly 20 years and the OK! Nigeria team are launching the Lagos Air Disaster Appeal encouraging people to do something, however small to help the families and victims of the disaster.  The appeal is to raise money to support the families of the victims by donating just a few Naira, Pounds or Dollars.  These funds will go to the families and to help regenerate the neighbourhood affected.

Every penny counts at this particular moment. Please help by donating any amount, all proceeds will go directly to the families who have lost loved ones and also those families who have lost their homes, livelihoods and possessions as a result of this tragedy.

Alexander Amosu, said: “We urge you to share and pass on this information, we have an ambitious challenge of raising as much money as possible, please help. Together we can show that Nigerians love each other and can stand together in times of crisis”.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones in this fatal disaster.
To donate, please go to www.oknigeria.com/lagosairdisasterappeal 

Please offer your social media support by tweeting #lagosdisasterappeal and sharing the link across your Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms.