Introducing to You, Adeniké aka Purple!

We’d like to introduce you to an upcoming and inspiring artist- Adeniké, known to her closest and dearest friends and family as Purple. According to Adeniké, the name Purple first came about when she dyed her hair as an act of rebellion, but she looked deeper into the colour and found that it was a colour of royalty! This seems like a perfect match, as the name Adeniké means royalty in Yoruba.


Adeniké aka Purple

As a girl, she grew up listening to classical sounds, hymns and afro-beats which were played regularly by her choir-singing mother. She picked up the piano and the pen and shortly after the flute. Seems like music flows through their blood in her family, as her younger brother and sister play a vast amount of instruments such as the piano, guitar, drums and violin.

Her decision to making singing her a career came after she performed as a backup singer for an artist at Jazz Cafe in 2009. “I thought to myself, This is what I want to do! Music brings people together and makes them smile. I love people and I love smiling so it feels right”.



Adeniké aka Purple has recently released her first single featuring Ikes –  YES which is about opening up to love and the feeling it gives. This has definitely created a buzz for her in the music industry as she has been featured on various platforms such as SB.TV, Choice FM and MTV Brand NEW UK (blog).

Amongst her many musical influences, she names Rochelle Ferelle and the late Amy Winehouse.

We wish Adenike all the best in her career and we look forward to what she has in store this year!

Click here to hear YES!

Words By Temidayo Abudu

Photo Credit: Adeniké